Normally, I would be on my Harley this weekend, heading to Washington for the annual Rolling Thunder ride to remember those lost and unaccounted for in Vietnam.

This year is the 30th anniversary ride of Rolling Thunder but assignments and obligations keep me in Southwestern Virginia reporting on area event.

I rode in the first Rolling Thunder on many others that followed. It is a special time.

On Memorial Day this year, I will visit the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, the Veterans Cemetery in Dublin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day in Princeton, WV to remember and honor friends, family and comrades who served and died for their country. There is no greater sacrifice to our nation.

The film clip above was created to remember Memorial Day in 2012 and it includes scenes and photos from my time in Washington and other parts of the world.

Please join me this weekend in remembering those who served and gave so much for the land they loved.