Visions of racism and hate in downtown Stuart (Photo from WDBJ-TV)

A gathering of members of the Ku Klux Klan, tagged as an “active hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, showed up in Stuart in nearby Patrick County over the weekend.

One attendee told WDBJ-TV news he’s a member of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the True Invisible Empire, based in Martinsville.

The handful, dressed in gaudy robes, some stormtrooper uniforms and chanting about “radical Islamic terrorism” as well as what they claim are attacks on “icons of the Confederacy” appeared on Main Street in Stuart Saturday and say they will also show up in Botetourt County in the “near future.”

They claimed they are not about race but stand for “protecting all Americans.”

Uh huh.  Any other fantasies to impart?

The web site of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the True Invisible Empire states that they serve “for God, for race, for our freedom.”  I doubt that God would have anything to do with them, their own web site proves they were lying in Stuart and the only”freedom” they stand for is for homophobic, bigoted, racist whites.

Hate and racism reign among us.