DTwithcamFor most of my career in journalism I have considered myself a newspaperman — nothing more, nothing less.

I wrote news stories & column, shot photos and enjoyed being the one who reported what was happening in a town, city, country, nation or world.

Now, however, the new jargon for what I do is “hybrid.”

A “hybrid,” I am told is a journalist who writes, takes photographs, and shoots video.

So I guess “hybrid” is another word for “multi-media journalist.”

Like many “vintage” photojournalists, I got into video late in my career.  My wife and I shot a documentary on the Disney Company’s aborted attempt to open a historical theme park in Northern Virginia.  A documentary, “A Real Mickey Mouse Operation,” is not available for public viewing because all and total distribution rights were purchased, secretly, by a foundation controlled by Disney and the film sits on a shelf somewhere.

But we like shooting documentaries and continue to do so today.  In addition, I shoot news and feature videos for TV stations and web sites.

So I am now a “hybrid,” someone who can use different forms of media — sometimes separate but more often together — to tell a story.

Call me a hybrid if you want but I still consider myself a newspaperman.