We could talk about politics this morning, but why bother?

Our political system is out of control.  The haters, the bigots and the racists now control the GOP and the Democrats are offering a candidate that probably will win because she is not quite as bad as the insanity offered by the Republican side.

So let’s think about Jason Bourne.  You know his name.  Matt Damon is Jason Bourne and he is currently slicing and dicing his way through his latest film as the fictional hero from the late Robert Ludlum’s books.

Amy and I ventured over to the area Regal Cinema last week to catch the opening of Jason Bourne.  In a year when most of the sequels offered by movie studios disappointed audiences and bombed, Jason Bourne opened with about $60 million in earnings and appears to be on the way to a hit, even with mixed reviews of critics.

We have enjoyed the Bourne films since the original offering, The Bourne Identify, in 2002.  When Paul Greengrass took over directing duties with The Bourne Supremacy in 2004, the series took a leap forwards in action and entertainment.  The Bourne Ultamatum closed out the three-part series and Greengrass and Damon said they were done with the films.

Universal Pictures, however, wanted the films to continue and Bourne screenwriter Tony Gilroy directed The Bourne Legacy in 2012, featuring Jeremy Renner as another assassin from the CIA black ops factory who struggled with the aftermath of the action of Jason.

The film opened with less attention than the Damon/Greengrass series but a sequel was scheduled until Greengrass and Damon agreed to do another film.

Bourne is back and the action was multiplied while dialog became expendable.  Damon had just 25 lines to speak while wrecking cars, killing assassins, disposing of enemies and creating havoc.

We enjoyed the latest, darker, chapter of the Bourne saga.  Damon has already said he is interested in doing another film.

“I like Jason Bourne,” he says.

Greengrass says he needs to rest and think about it.

Don’t think too long Paul.  In your hands the series is Bourne again and must continue.