(Photo by Stephanie Klein-Davis/The Roanoke Times)

Sitting in my studio, taking a break from editing a documentary projects that, hopefully, will be completed something in 2017, and i realized that I have not updated my first-ever web site, this one, is a long time.

Most early morning hours, before the sun rises, is dedicated to latest updates to a political news web operation, Capitol Hill Blue, a “hyper-local” site called “Blue Ride Muse,” and our newest project, American NewsREAL, a site that exposes fake news sites, identifies the people behind them, and corrects the misinformation they post on an Internet that is already overrun by phony operations.

I’m a newspaperman, an old term that refers to those of us who write stories and shoot photographs for publications that print on processed wood pulp (paper).  Yeah, I know, most of you out there probably don’t read newspapers.  Some of you may never have.

Some of us used to say that newspapers cannot die until they start putting phone receptacles in bathroom stalls so we can read our news on laptops plugged into our modems.

Wi-Fi took care of that problem and, yes, I sometimes scan the news on my iPhone while taking care of a certain bodily function behind a closed bathroom door or one on a stall.

Too many people nowadays get their news and information online or on cable or satellite broadcasts (which can now also be delivered online) and may not read anything in newspapers or on the World Wide Web.

Fortunately, I still write for newspapers, primarily as a contract reporter/photographer for BH Media, the large newspaper chain owned by Warren Buffett.  Buffett, thankfully, still believes in community newspapers.  Amazon creator Jeff Bezos believes in a major newspaper, The Washington Post, which he purchased a few years ago and he is expanding the paper’s news staff by at least 60 reporters and editors in the coming year.

On this coming week, I will be in a meeting of a board of supervisors on Tuesday, covering their activities, in a Circuit Courtroom covering trials and hearings and in high school gyms, where high school baseketballers and wrestlers will play their sport of choice and provide good images for my cameras.

On some days, I shoot video of sporting events for area television stations, something I had to start doing about 20 years ago to stay competitive in my profession, but writing articles and shooting images for print publication is what I do, what I love to do and what I hope to do for whatever is left of my life.