Employees of The Floyd Pharmacy spent much of this week packing things that will no longer be sold when the building reopens Monday as a CVS chain drug store.

The building that housed the Pharmacy was a Piggly Wiggly back in the 1960s.  On Monday, it opens as a CVS.

Watching the end of the Floyd Pharmacy this week was sad.  The operation’s  offering of prescription drugs and other things ceases when it closes at 3 p.m. Friday and will not be open on Saturday.

The Pharmacy offered a sale of remaining tobacco products because CVS stopped selling cigarettes and other such products in 2014.  An earlier report that Floyd County Buffalo t-shirts, hats and other such memorabilia won’t be offered turned out to be more speculation than fact.  CVS carries such items at other stores and the Buffalo items are on sale in the new one in Floyd.

Comments on Social media outlets like Facebook bemoaned the loss of another local business in Floyd and listed specific complaints about CVS.  Others suggested everyone should “wait and see.”

Current Floyd Pharmacy customers are reminded to pick up remaining subscriptions by closing Friday.  Current customer records, we are told, are being transferred to CVS.