This post appeared on  Facebook just before the Fourth of July, the day we are supposed to celebrate the birthday of our nation and honor a country found on, among other things, freedom of religion.

“I faced Evil today. In the entrance of Walmart, here in Christiansburg, Va. I sensed a strong evil presence. I stared eyeball to eyeball a figure dressed in all black from head to toe. Just creepy eyes staring at me. I thought it was a person dressed up for Halloween. Was it a Costume? No, I realized it’s not Halloween. It was two Muslim women( I guess, could have been men), dressed in all black. Then I was angry. Why are they allowed in our country to dress like this? Plenty of room to carry any bomb to kill us Christians. Why did I sense evil?”

The comment came from a woman.  Her comments were followed by other statements like:

 “Now that is scary!””

“Their not happy President Trump is kicking their behinds right out of this country. They were so close to taking us down at least that’s what they thought. To all those evil Libs that supported Obama all these peoples deaths associated including 911 is on your heads! ”

“We need to keep sending our representatives the message that if you turn your back in us we will vote you out. We need more people like President Trump!”

“That’s what we’re fighting against Mary. People please stand up and be apart of the fight to save our country.”

“You felt evil because their faith is demonic.”

“Because they are 100% evil.”

“We are see the beginning to the Last Days, please Cousins, be ready!”

Some tried to bring balance into the discussion:

” I understand your fears, and for good reason I may add. But not all Muslim’s are evil. Just like everyone who calls themselves Christian are good. I live in a very diverse community and have amazing Muslim friends who are the most wonderful caring people you could ever meet. I see far more violence on a daily basis from the ‘good ol boys’ and the American black’s than I do from any Muslim.”

I added this:

“I am sorry but what call you “evil” appears to others, including me, as bigotry against certain people of other religions. Amy and I have Muslim friends who are as devout in their relief of Islam as any evangelical Christian we know. The Koran preaches love, not hate, and peace, not violence. Have you read the Koran? I have, as well as the Bible, and the Bible preaches that those who work on the Sabbath should be killed. It condones stoning and other acts of violence, including death. Calling Muslims who dress in the garb of their belief “evil” goes against what I was taught as a Christian. Timothy McVeigh was no Muslim and he killed men, women and children in his bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Evil exists in all parts of our society and is all around us. Condemning those who dress differently and who have different beliefs should not be part of the land of the free and the guarantee of religious freedom promised by America’s founders, which we should remember and honor on this Independence Day. Please don’t dishonor our celebration of America with such claims.”

That brought more comments:

“You weren’t there and you didn’t experience what she did. There is such a thing to feel an evil presence.”

“Until you experience being treated like that…you are speaking to a situation you know nothing about.”

“Doug,,, are you actually an American? i mean a REAL American? im thinkin your not from where i,m from. . your not an American in my eyes. just another confused librial.. i would hope to never have to defend my country ,in my country, and have you beside me. you would be useless.”

These are not all of the comments from the threat but just examples of what was said.  The original post appeared just before midnight on July 3 and most were posted on Independence Day.

All comments are exactly as written.  I did not clean up the misspellings or misuse of words or tenses.  The thread appeared on my timeline and was not part of any closed group.  I informed Facebook that I would be using the quotes but would not name those who made the comments.

In my opinion, what appeared on Facebook during this celebration of the Fourth of July did show us that evil exists in America today but the real evil did not come from two women dressed in traditional garb of their religion.

Too many of those who expressed their anger and hate can find that real evil by looking in the mirror.