Rain at FloydFest in 2012. Will it happen this year?

After hard rain in some areas of Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia and then more showers that moved through the early morning hours of Friday, the skies look fairly clear for the most parts of the morning and the rest of the day with sun arriving around 7 p.m. and just in time for the fireworks planned for the evening.

Scattered afternoon thunderstorms are forecast for Saturday afternoon and then sunny and mostly sunny days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of next week.

This might give some of us time to scrape battered gravel driveways and get ready for the “isolated” or “scattered” thunderstorms expected on Wednesday and Thursday of next week before another lull for a few more days.

Longer range forecasts expect the third week of the month to have “scattered thunderstorms” throughout the week.

Which brings us to the last week of the month — FloydFest week.  High temperatures are expected in the 80s, which is considered hot enough to spawn afternoon thundershowers.

About normal for this time of year here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

Stay cool, if possible, and keep your umbrellas handy.