OK, I admit it. I have Spring Fever, along with either a cold or a severe allergy attack (not sure which yet).

Tuesday’s incredible Spring day will, for the most part, repeat today before rains move in for Thursday and Friday (rain in the mountains in April. How unique).

Time to contemplate putting the top down on the Wrangler. Time, also, to start work on the lawn. Past time, actually, but the weather of the last two weeks has kept me out of the lawn and given moles, crabgrass and whatever a head start.

For the past couple of weeks, we have debated whether or not to buy a chipper/shredder. With all the trees surrounding the house, branches dot the landscape but last weekend’s high winds (one gust hit 74 mph) sent all kinds of twigs and branches down onto the yard. No more debate. Add a chipper to the growing fleet of lawn tractors, snow blowers, carts, spreaders, rollers, etc. that now occupy the garage. Mulch anyone?

Now, if I can just get over this cold, allergy or whatever the hell it is…