Washington MonumentWrote Monday about how construction cranes reminded me of loneliness.

That prompted a local wag to suggest maybe the crane was a phallic symbol.


I spend half my time at our home in the National Capital Region and we know phallic symbols.

You want phallic symbols? Consider the numero uno of all phallic symbols — The Washington Monument.

You know, I’ve lived in Washington for 23 years and no one has been able to tell me exactly how this long shaft reaching into the sky is supposed to symbolize George Washington.

Lincoln’s Memorial has old Abe sitting in a chair. Jefferson’s has Tom standing and looking statesman like.

FDR’s memorial has more than one image of the old boy. But George’s monument is just this shaft reaching into the sky. Wouldn’t such a monument be more fitting for, say, Bill Clinton? Forget it. We’re not going there…