Floyd County High School’s varsity boys’ soccer team opened their home season this week with a 3-0 drubbing of Giles County. Soccer? Yes, soccer.

Soccer is, and probably always will be, an enigmatic sport in this country. It doesn’t adapt well to American TV where breaks in the action are necessary for commercials. Timeouts are rare and the action is, pretty much, nonstop. Football and basketball have frequent timeouts, baseball has breaks between innings and even auto racing has caution flags. Soccer moves fast, is difficult for the novice to follow, and is a bitch to photograph because the action shifts quickly and often without a pattern. I hadn’t photographed soccer since the World Cup Games came to America in 1994 and an evening of chasing Floyd and Giles up and down the field left me exhausted.

But the handful of fans (mostly parents and girlfriends) saw a good game where the home team triumphed.

Soccer in the hills. Who’d a thunk it?