My newest toy arrived today — all 400 pounds of it: An Epson 9600 wide format digital printer.

When it comes to wide format digital printers, size does matter and the 9600 is big, really big. It prints 44 inches wide on roll paper that can be as long as 60 feet. For a photographer who likes his prints REALLY BIG, this printer is manna from heaven.

It is also the reason my back is killing me. The truck driver and I got it out of the back of his 18-wheeler (how I’ll never know) and then Wayne Bradburn at The Jacksonville Center helped me unpack the monster and set it up, a laborous process that took most of the afternoon.

Now it occupies an entire wall of our studio. The first test print — a 44 by 36 print of the inside of the Capitol Rotunda — was breathtaking.