Water heater died last night, perhaps during the thunderstorms that rocked through the county and cause intermittent power outages and line surges.

Whatever the cause, Amy discovered the lack of heat in the H2O late in the evening. I ventured into the electrical room. All breakers normal. Checked out the water heater room. Again, breakers normal. Reset everything and hoped warm (and then hot) water would follow. Nada.

Of course, these things never happen during the week when finding someone to replace a water heater is relatively easy. Had to happen on a Friday night. Lowes offers same day installation, but only Monday through Friday. Home Depot claims to offer seven-day-a-week service but with limitation and when I called the 800 number the friendly lady named Tracy set up an appoint for delivery and installation of new water heater today.

Waiting..and trying hard not to inhale. At least cost will be covered under home warranty.

Cold showers anyone?