Water heater went out Friday night. Spent most of Saturday waiting for one of Home Depot’s “preferred contractors” to deliver and install a new one. They arrived at 6:30 p.m. (we put in the call at 7 a.m.). Took an hour. Told me to wait until 9 p.m. to turn water and pump back on (to give the adhesives on the seals time to set).

At 9, turned on water. Heard pleasant sound of heater tank filling. Turned on pump. Heard unpleasant sound of water escaping from hole in pipe. Two holes, actually, in the PVC pipe leading from water heater to home plumbing. Turned off pump and water. Spray turned to steady stream, then dripping leak.

Called plumber. Can’t come back until Sunday morning. Turn water off he said (love plumbers with firm grasp of obvious). Tried to explain that we at least had cold water before he fussed with our plumbing. Now we have none. No PVC pipe in house for repair. Too late to drive to Lowes or Home Depot in Christiansburg or Roanoke to buy some. Did drive to Roanoke to buy plastic plumbers sealing tape at discount store. Didn’t work. Left water off.

No hot water. No cold water. No water to flush toilets or even wash hands. Amy muttering something about castrating plumbers. It’s gonna be a long night.