042605moon.jpgThe realities of modern day callousness and inferior customer service invaded our little piece of heaven this weekend. After three days of fighting the Great Water Heater War, Amy and I were exhausted — both mentally and pnysically.

Salvation came Monday in a large rectangular package delivered by some energetic young men from, of all places, Hot Tub Heaven. The tub we purchased a week ago arrived and a collection of eager beavers set about to install, wire and set up our new baby. Unlike the hours of frustration, shoddy workmanship and inattentive customer service we received from Home Depot, the crew from Hot Tub Heaven arrived on time, worked hard all day and stuck around to make sure everything met our expectations. Aided by Jim Lemon’s able electrical installers, everything went smoothly and as promised.

Last night, we waited for the temperature of the water in the newly-filled hot tub to top 90 degrees and climbed in to a relaxing hour of warmth, bubbles and relief. The massaging jets washed away the tensions of the past few days. On cue, the moon rose through the trees of our back yard, bathing us and the tub in its glow.

After 60 minutes of soothing relaxation, we went to bed — a couple of limp noodles who slept soundly for the first time in days. Peace and tranquility returned to Chateau Thompson.