The duck population continues to grow at Chateau Thompson, possibly because the rapidly growing grass in our front yard too often resembles a wildnerness area but more likely because the lady of the house has taken to feeding them.

This line of seven greeted me as I arrived home Wednesday. Normally, the duck population inhabits the creek at the bottom of our long, sloping yard, but this advancing army of watefowl occupied the crest of the yard, closer to the house. They eyed me with disdain, most likely realizing my camera was not edible.

Amy, fortified inside, expressed concern at the ever-vigilant, ever-growing mixture of wild and domestic creatures.

“What have I done?” That’s the problem with city girls. They don’t always comprehend the ramifications of messing with nature.

“Did you feed them today?”

“Yes, but there weren’t that many!”

“Expect more. The word is out. Free food at the Thompsons.”