Based on what we’ve been going through with an aging loved one lately, I told Amy the other day that if I ever start to slip mentally, slide into dementia or become someone who needs constant care and attention, she has my permission to just shoot me.

“There isn’t a jury in Floyd County that would convict you,” I said.

“I know,” she said, smiling.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Shortt agrees.

“I’m sure that if Amy shoots you it’s justifiable homicide,” she says.

That’s comforting.

At breakfast at the Floyd Country Store the other day, two friends wondered if it was safe to sit with me at a booth by the window.

“I wouldn’t want to be hit by a stray bullet,” one said.


It’s enough to make a man paranoid.

Or perhaps perceptive.

Maybe they really are out to get me. 🙂