071605photog2.jpgIt you stage it they will come…the news media that is. Bring a statewide elected official to a small town and even the city dailies and TV stations show up to catch the opportunity (known in the trade as a “photo op.”).

Virginia Governor Mark Warner’s visit to Floyd this past week was a classic photo op — the smooth-talking, personable politician in a small town setting assured a good, mostly-friendly crowd and the bucolic setting of Floyd gave the young photographer from The Roanoke Times (above) lots of visual opportunity and Warner got to hit his talking points for the TV crews from Channels 7 & 10 (below).

But local photogs like Don Johnson (left) also showed up for the show, shooting for event organizers and local bloggers Fred First and Sue Nees covered it as well. And dozens of local citizens captured the moment on their digital and disposable cameras.

They call it a photo op for just one reason. It works.