The newest, and still probationary, member of Chateau Thompson has a new name. Sherbert, the orange tabby creature from hell, is now Dr. Jekyl. His instant ability to turn from purring, cuddly kitten to hellboy deserves no less.

The war that began with Jekyl’s arrival Friday has turned into a distrusting standoff interrupted by intermittent sounds of screaming, hissing and growling, following all too often by the sound of something falling when the largest of our cats seeks high ground away from this orange slayer of Goliaths. A.C. (the Anti-Christ) seeks elevations he is sure Jekyl cannot yet reach and spends the night there, assured he is safe from an alien invader that’s not even a quarter of his size. So far, he’s managed to break a lamp, crack a window frame, pull down a curtain and send various odds and ends scattering in his mad scampers to safety, his manhood destroyed by the kitten with no fear.

Trouble, the saner of the trio, retreats into a favorite hiding place and emits a low, menacing growl whenver approached. The gutteral sound must have just enough nuance in cat lingo to force Jekyl to retreat. Eventually, Trouble and A.C. may realize they have numbers and size on their side and seize the day.

Nietzche once said that “out of chaos comes order.” Obviously, he didn’t share his home with cats.