072405clyde.jpg 072405faces.jpgThey gather in the street along that stretch of Floyd’s Music Row from the County Store to Cafe del Sol, often spilling over into the parking lots and alleyways. Street musicians, the soul of Friday nights in this Southwestern Virginia town. Some, like fiddler Clyde Williams (above) jam outside before heading inside the Country Store for a gig at the Friday Night Jamboree.

Even when he’s not on the bill for inside on Friday Night, Clyde still holds court outside (the Jugbusters occupied his usual slot on this past week’s Jamboree) and both younger and other oldtime musicians (right) join in.

But you don’t have to wander very far to find other impromptu bands along Locust Street.

They gather by the entrance to Angels in the Attic, in the parking lot of Mama Lazzardos across the street and in any available ally or open spot on the sidewalk. Mandolin player and singer Abe Goorskey (below) found a willing jam session near Cafe del Sol for a twilight concert.

Street music is part of the tradition of Floyd on Friday nights and just talking Locust Street and taking in the sounds shows why the area is so rich in musical talent. They play because they love it and love of music is what makes it so worthwhile for both musician and audience. 07240abe.jpg