073105people.jpg 073105kids.jpgSome people go to events like FloydFest for the music and the acts on stage. I go for the people and the entertainment you find in the crowd. At FloydFest, the people are the show. "Are you blue?" The question seemed simple enough to the two women above. "Yes," one replied. "We are." "Funny," came the response. "You don’t look bluish." No, not original. The line came from "Yellow Submarine," the classic Beatles animated film. Didn’t matter. Seemed to fit the occasion even if many of the kids don’t get the joke. A young man in a frog raincoat (left) seemed unhappy. Could have been the rain and fog. Could have been music he didn’t like. Or maybe he didn’t like being seen in public in a frog raincoat. Maybe his mother made him wear it. We may never know. He wasn’t talking. Wouldn’t even give me his name. He just stood there looking unhappy. For others in the crowd, FloydFest was just a chance to dance in their own world (below), oblivious to everyone else. And oblivious to the music since most of the movements had little to do with the rhythm on stage. There was a Woodstockian feel to the whole thing, which I’m sure is part of the intent of the organizers. Of course, the rain, fog and mud can either be a pain in the butt or just part of the appeal of getting back to nature. It depends on your point of view. That’s the beauty of events like FloydFest. Some come for the show. Others are the show. 073105people3.jpg