080605chewy2.jpg 080605chewy.jpgMeet Chewy (aka Chewbacca), the newest, most energetic and rambunctious member of Chateau Thompson. Part Chow, part God-knows-what else, we found her as a three-month old pup at the ASPCA in Roanoke. Amy named her before we got home and she immediately lived up to the name, chewing up everything in sight, including shoestrings, shoes, paper and wicker furniture. Every time we take her outside, Chewy heads for something edible, be it a leaf, a bug or a clump of grass (left). Nothing is beyond this dog’s voracious appetite and now, at four months, she tips the scales at six pounds plus. In her first two weeks here, Chewy has discovered certain truths to be self-evident — bees sting, carpenter ants bite and a little bundle of orange fur named Jekyl may be a kitten and half her size but can still hold his own in a fight. Toilet manners are still hit and miss (mostly miss) which is why Chewy lives on the screened-in back porch until the call of nature becomes second nature in morning, afternoon and evening walks.