Fog. Rain. More fog. More rain. And the possibility of snow later in the week.

This is Spring?

Gotta wonder just what we did to piss off Mother Nature. Don’t have to wonder. Pump toxins into the air, contaminate the groundwater, deface mountains with multi-million dollar condos.

Over in Nelson County, the developers show what can happen when governments sit by and let greed take over. The Wintergreen residential development dominates the mountaintops there, destroying the natural beauty of the area. And for what? So some fool with more money than brains can look out his back window, see the valley below and feel superior to the rest of us.

Maybe, with luck, Mother Nature will soak that mountain with enough rain so that the swanky condos slid down the mountain and into the ravine, taking all those who rape nature with them.

What does all this have to do with rain and fog on a cool morning in Floyd County.

Not much, really, but I had to write about something.