City Magazine, the free (ad supported) arts and entertainment mag that is circulated throughout the area, is out with its annual dining roundup and based on the inaccuracies in that list, the folks that claim to rate the area’s restaurants don’t get out much.

At first passing, a found a half dozen eateries listed that went out of business long before the current issue went to press. Even in the early deadline world of magazine publishing the list is woefully out of date.

According to City, you can still get a cup of Joe at Cafe del Sol in Floyd.  It closed at the end of January.

The guide also lists Back Creek Grill on U.S. 221 south of Roanoke. It’s been closed for several months. Another restaurant even opened in the location and closed a few weeks later.

So did The Daily Grind coffee shop on Electric Road in Roanoke County along with several other restaurants in Roanoke and surrounding communities.

What’s with these folks? Don’t they at least pick up the phone and call to see if a place is still in business before publishing what they claim is the “ultimate” dining guide to the region?