Lance Terpenny spent his first day on the job as Floyd’s new town manager Monday.

The former Christiansburg administrator moves from managing the third largest incorporated town in Virginia to one of the smallest and takes an $80,000-a-year pay cut.

When I drove into town Monday I did not see a “Wall Mart Coming” sign on any vacant fields. No new empty storefronts appeared in downtown. No one circulated a petition for annexation.

So far, so good.

OK. I’m being facetious. There’s a fair amount of anxiety over Floyd’s new Town Manager and I created some of it.

In retrospect, I used language in some posts that was over the top. Normally, I wait for someone to fail before pulling out the hammer and nails and erecting a cross.

I’ve talked to several people that I trust who paint a different picture picture of Floyd’s newest official.  They tell me I was wrong about him. They also say he took the heat for many of the problems caused by Christiansburg’s Town Council.

While it is fair to raise questions for public discussion, it was not fair to Floyd’s new town manager or to the town government to do so with the ferocity that I used to go after Lance Terpenny.

I was wrong to do so and owe Terpenny an apology.

Let’s give the guy a chance.

(Edited on August 6)

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