Seems like one person or the other has been telling me that all my life — mothers, wives, doctors, bosses, etc.

But to paraphrase Woody Allen, life is like a shark. Sharks breathe by moving constantly through water. Stop moving and you die. Same with life. Stop moving, stop thinking, stop challenging and you stop living. The joints may ache, the muscles may scream and the mind may claim overload but stop and listen to the complaints of the body and you lose momentum.

I know too many people who contemplate every move, plan every step and think and rethink every decision. Such people get nowhere in life. You can sit on your butt and worry yourself to death over whether or not to take a risk or you can just go ahead and take it. Too many things have been ruined by those afraid to take a chance. They fear failure and fail without trying. They play it safe and get nowhere.

Don’t tell me to slow down. Hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work now. No time to slow down. Too many things I have not yet tried.

I may try and fail. It’s happened before and most likely will happen again. Or I may die trying. That’s life…and death. Better to have tried and lost than to have never tried at all.