Fog hangs low over the hills surrounding Chateau Thompson as I let Chewy out into the damp for her morning constitutional. I lean against a tree as she hurtles headlong into the wet woods to explore and empty her bladder and bowels.

Rain is still falling and wind rustles through the trees on a morning that seems more like October. Unlike the dog, I mind getting wet and retreat to the back porch while she continues the morning adventure.

Weatherbug predicts the drizzle lasting through the morning. Saturday stayed cool and cloudy throughout the day and the addition of rain adds to the chill in the air.

Chewy finally finishes her sojourn in the rain and returns to the dryness, food and water of porch. I head for the coffee pot and computer for my morning business. Yard work headed the agenda for today. That plan goes down the drain with the rain. Just as well. Arthritis likes wet weather but my body doesn’t like the aches and stiff joints. As Sun Tzu says, better to retreat and live to fight another day.

Sunday morning coming down. Bring on the welcome relief of boredom.