Filled up the tank of the Liberty at the Shell Station in Riner Tuesday at what then seemed like a bargain $2.69.9 a gallon. Gas in Floyd that day was running at $2.74.9.

Turned out to be more of a bargain than originally thought. On Wednesday, the prices in Floyd jumped 15 cents a gallon and then another 10 cents on Thursday.

In Riner Thursday, the price at the Shell station was $2.99.9. As we drove by the Kroger on 460 Business, noticed the price was $2.84.9. Decided to stop there on the way out of town.

Should have filled the tank before we filled our bellies. After dinner, a stop at the pet store and Home Depot, we headed back to the gas pumps at Kroger to find the price had jumped five cents a gallon to $2.89 in just 90 minutes. The BP station down the street offered the same price so we stopped there.

I notice most gas stations respond quickly when the price of gas goes up but slowly when the price goes down.

Economist call this supply and demand. I call it gouging.