112105wedding1.jpg 112105wedding2.jpgI don’t, as a general rule, do wedding photography. But Dr. Joe Baum, founder of the Tri-Area Health Clinic, asked me to shoot his wedding to Debbie Sickey this past weekend and I can’t turn down a friend. Besides, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Fragmented Fred First in a suit Joe said he didn’t want traditional wedding photos and asked me shoot the event as a photojournalist. Don’t know if I succeeded but it provided an interesting exercise in trying to find new ways to shoot something that others do a lot better than me. So I tried different angles and multiple locations during the ceremony. Thankfully, nobody seemed to mind. Afterwords, everyone headed over to Winter Sun for a reception catered by Oddfellas and an evening of dancing. Nearby, in Cafe del Sol, writers and poets offered up tribues to Elliott Dabinsky, the poet who died this week. Two celebrations. One for a life just ended, the other for a couple whose life together is just beginning. I’ll put the photos in a book and present it to them as a wedding present and then retire as a wedding photographer. Just aint’ my thing. 112105wedding3.jpg