112805chewy.jpgWe’re looking for a new home for Chewy (aka Chewbacca), our part-Chow, part God-knows-what-else dog. It breaks both our hearts to do so but she just isn’t fitting into a household where cats rule and we can’t be around enough to keep her company.

Chewy is a loving dog but she likes to play rough and that poses a threat not only to the four cats but also to Amy, whose body is now covered with enough bruises to qualify her as an abused spouse. During a recent medical exam, the nurse looked at Amy’s buised arm and asked “dear, if everything all right in your relationship?”

“With my husband, yes,” Amy replied. “With my dog, no.”

Chewy is seven months old, weighs in at 30 pounds, is housebroken and very rambunctious. When outside, she likes to roam far and wide and we’ve had to keep her tethered because of that. A home with a fenced-in back yard is recommended. We do not, however, recommend her being around young children. She plays far too rough.