December already? November came and went in a flash. November was month one for the great weight loss challenge: 10 pounds a month for six months. Lost 13 pounds. It would have been more but Morgan Caine’s sinful Oreo cheesecake seduced me at Oddfellas Wednesday night.

Will step up the pace in December with more trips to Shortt’s Fitness Center and increased walks in the morning.

An anniversary card arrived in Wednesday’s mail. No, not the one Amy and I share on December 15 (26 years) but the first year in the home. The card came from our Realtor. They probably want to know if we’re ready to trade up. Not in this lifetime.

Winterfest this weekend, called a “Dickens of a Weekend” by whomever comes up with such names. Lots of music, art and other events, starting in downtown Floyd Friday night, continuing at The Jacksonville Center on Saturday and Sunday and culminating with the Christmas parade on Sunday. See you there.