Decided to try and spread de-icer on the driveway-turned-ice rink/ski jump Sunday afternoon.

First challenge: Finding de-icer. Most stores sold out. Finally located generic rock salt at Dollar General. Bought all they had.

Parked at bottom of hill and started spreading de-icer. Made it almost to the top with last batch when disaster struck. Both feet went out from under me and I landed hard on my back. Started long slide down hill, picking up speed as I headed towards the Wrangler at the bottom. Nothing to grab onto as I pick up speed. Brace for impact.

Hip strikes left front wheel as I grab the winch hook on the front of the Jeep to stop. The bad hip of course. Lay panting on frozen tundra while trying to catch breath. Hip and knees send massive pain signals to brain as I struggle to get up, boots slipping on the ice. Manage to limp back up hill without falling. An hour in the hot tub does not keep bruises from appearing on body. Pain spreads from sprained wrist and ankle.

Temperature tonight will not let the de-icer work on the frozen surface. And the weather forecast calls for an inch of snow tonight and another round of “wintry mix” (meaning snow, sleet and freezing rain) for Wednesday night.

It’s going to be a long winter.