An inherent danger emerges from giving your wife a digital SLR for Christmas. Our resident cats already know this danger all too well as they are the first subjects of a digital shooter gone wild. As soon as the battery was charged on her new Canon Rebel XT she went on a shooting frenzy.

Her emphasis on the cats, however, comes at a time of great concern in Chateau Thompson. Loki, the newest addition to our happy home, is showing signs of feline epilepsy. We’ve suspected a neruological disorder because of the kitten’s unsteadiness and habit of falling over. But Christmas Day brought two seizures where the cat jumped straight up in the air, starting running in circles and then hurled itself into stationary objects, followed by a a near-catatonic state. With the vets here closed for the holidays we will have to hold our breath and hope everything is OK until we can take him in on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Jekyll, our resident tough-guy, has taken Loki under his wing, cleaning him after the attacks and then standing guard while the kitten uses the litter box and eats.

And, yes, Amy took the picture.