David St. Lawrence has been blogging about our cats and the corporate structure that felines employ when they take over a household (as all cats do) and how they have reacted with the introduction of David and Gretchen’s two animals during their stay with us while their new house is completed in Floyd County.

in the midst of all this is Amy, who roams the house like a mad papparazi, shooting pictures of everything cat, including the elusive Trouble (above), our oldest. Rescued from an alley in Washington, DC, many years ago, Trouble tends to stay out of sight and ventures out only when he thinks the other cats are asleep or otherwise occupied.

David’s writings have also prompted some readers to ask about Chewy, the part Chow, part God-knows-what else who become part of the family brood earlier this year. Chewy has relocated to a farm in Botetourt County where she runs free with a pack of other dogs that includes her brother — all under the care of two kids who love dogs. She was our Christmas gift to them because they wanted another puppy from the same litter and because Chewy needed the company of other dogs.