Talk about a senior moment (or week or month or year). It just occurred to me (doh!) that only three days (counting today) remain in 2005.

Where the heck did the year go? Did we buy this house a year ago? If we’ve been here a year why do we still have boxes left to unpack in the garage? Why are some walls still bare?

Time, they say, flies when you’re having fun. We must be having a ball because 2005 went by in a blur. Hell, I haven’t even made New Year’s Resolutions yet. Maybe I’ll bypass that tradition this year. Saves time if you don’t have resolutions to break.

A year ago this house stood mostly bare, windows open to let the new hardwood floors dry out and the smell of polyurethane dissipate. Now rooms overflow with stuff.

My studio looks like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I was going to use the week between Christmas and New Years to clean it but here it is Thursday and I haven’t set foot in there all week.

So it’s time to buckle down and tackle all those jobs that have piled up over the past year.

Which I’m going to do.

Right after a nap.