010106oddfells1.jpg 010106oddfellas2.jpgNew Year’s Eve at Oddfellas Cantina in Floyd was a relaxed, pleasant evening with friends. We ate well (and to excess), dining on leg of lamb, New York strip steak and chili chicken and topping it all with sinful desserts while listening to the music of Billy Miller, Chris Luster, John Winnike and others (below). The packed house sent 2005 packing on a good note. Oddfellas owner Rob Neukirch (right), served as both host and waitperson, moving from table to table. We dined with David and Gretchen St. Lawrence and saw many old and new friends, including some I had not seen since high school 40-some years earlier. Rob closed the doors long before midnight and many revelers went on to Woodbury Inn near the Blue Ridge Parkway to cheer in 2006. We returned home and the St. Lawrences retired before the magic hour. I fell asleep on the couch but Amy woke me up just before midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square. A new year is upon us. Let the good times begin. 010106oddfellas3.jpg