So, 2006 is upon us. One last day off today before returning to the grind (grind? We don’t need no stinkin’ grinds! We’re retired).

Funny how even in retirement we still recognize holidays and so-called days off. In truth, retirement offers no holidays, no days off, no vacations. I’ve worked harder in the last year of retirement than in 40 previous years of working for a living.

On Tuesday, when the shortened “work week” starts, I tackle the mess called the Blue Ridge Creative studio at The Jacksonville Center. It’s a royal mess and will take more than one day to restore to at least organized chaos.

Then there’s about a half-dozen printing jobs that need attention and stories which much be covered for The Floyd Press and photos to edit from last week’s basketball games.

And I’m revamping Capitol Hill Blue and trying to get American Newsreel back up to speed and hoping to launch FloydCounty.Com.

Great. The new year is two days old and I’m already at least a month behind.