Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny: Reduction in hours will give him more time to ride his Harleys

After a few weeks on the job, new Floyd Town manager Lance Terpenny confirmed what many have suspected: A town of 435 people doesn’t need a full-time manager.

So the Town Council Thursday night — on Terpenny’s recommendation — cut his hours, salary and benefits by one-fifth and made the town manager position a part-time job.

The job goes from a 40-hour-a-week, five-days a week position to 32 hours and four days a week. Town Clerk/Treasurer Karen Hodges is also on a four-days a week schedule with she or Terpenny covering the town office on the other’s day off.

Floyd hired Terpenny after he ended his 16-year tenure as Christiansburg’s town manager amid controversy in July.  He went from earning $130,000 a year managing the third-largest incorporated town in Virginia to running one of the smallest for $50,000. The change in the town manager’s job from full-time to part-time will cut that salary by 10 grand.

The council reserved the right to restore the position to a full-time job if they feel things aren’t getting done by a part-time manager.

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