The St. Lawrences, our very welcome house guests while waiting for their new Floyd County home to be declared ready for ocupancy, finally have water but they are not yet flush (something about the toilets not being “seated” and ready for use). With carpet being laid and appliances set for installation, they are no doubt looking forward to moving into their own home and expanding their world beyond our guest bedroom. Their two cats, Buffy and Sherman, may be wondering if home will ever again be more than one room.

Watching what David and Gretchen have gone through with the construction of their home reinforces the decision that we made last year to buy an existing home instead of building a new one. True, we’ve run into some problems that come with upgrading a home built nearly 30 years ago but our glitches seem trivial compared with the nonstop nightmare that has confronted the St. Lawrences.

David has chronicled the now 106-day move from Charlottesville to Floyd in great, and entertaining detail in his blog and it should be required reading for anyone who is considering building a new home.

You won’t be sorry.