The New River Valley Harley Owners Group (NRVHOG) had a Christmas Party scheduled this morning (Saturday) to benefit needy children. I was feeling better and (like an idiot) decided to bundle up and ride my bike over to Christiansburg for the event.

Big mistake.

Everything seemed to go well as I suited up, fired up the Harley, and headed towards Floyd on U.S. 221.  As most do, took the short cut on Oxford Street from 221 to Virginia Rte. 8.  I stopped at the stop sign, put my left foot down to balance the bike and my left leg buckled, sending me and the bike sprawling unceremoniously onto the pavement.

Fortunately, several good Samaritans, including a Floyd County Deputy Sheriff, were in line behind me and rushed to my rescue.  After determining nothing was broken (expect my pride), they helped me up, helped right the bike, and asked if I needed a rescue squad or someone to come help me.

I was dazed, a little confused and my recently treated back hurt like hell but I remounted the bike and thanked everyone for their help.

Continuing on to Christiansburg was out of the question so I turned left on Locust Street and headed for the intersection to main (and U.S. 221). The turn I made was twice as wide as it should be, the final piece of evidence that I had no business on a bike so I rode the rest of the way home at about a third of my usual pace.

Once home, I shed the various level of warm clothing, lit the fireplace, hit the couch, and slept for the next six hours.

I’ll make sure the young man gets his gifts on Monday and will stay off the bike until I have built the strength back up in my legs from my recent bout with back problems.