Loki is home. Sadly, after many, many tests, the vets and students at the Virginia-Maryland Regional Veterinary Hospital at Virginia Tech say there is nothing any of us can do but try and make him comfortable for the rest of his life although no one knows how long that will be.

The MRI found evidence of two masses on his brain, both deep inside and both inoperable. At least one is affecting is balance, motor control and vision. If the masses grow, his condition will deteriorate.

Everyone who encountered Loki at Tech fell in love with him (as does all who come in contract with the extremely affectionate kitten). They were heartbroken that they could not do anything to alleviate his condition but will continue sending samples of his tests to other teaching vet centers in hopes that someone can offer help or a solution.

Someone asked me this week why we would pay thousands of dollars for tests in a long shot hope of finding a way to cure, or at least ease, the condition of a pet. I didn’t have an answer. I suppose that for those who have to ask, there can’t be an answer. Loki is a loved member of our family. For us, further explanation is not be necessary.

We will continue to care for the kitten as long as he is not suffering or in pain and hope that he can live out some portion of life in comfort or that, as sometimes happens, other forces intervene and his condition improves.

We will just take it one day at a time.