Yes, the Woodstock days are, indeed, gone.

Over the weekend, I printed a photo from the 70s, a shot of a voluptous, clothes-optional flower child showing it all to the world at the Mississippi River Festival in Edwardsville, Illinois (just outside of St. Louis). That flower child is probably a grandmother now and hoping her grandchilden don’t stumble across that photo.

Now I’m preparing for a course on digital imaging, hoping to improve my photography and printing on the high-end digital printers that have replaced the darkroom. One of the instructors of the course, sponsored by Epson, is Graham Nash.

Yes, that Graham Nash. The singer from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (a featured act at Woodstock) now owns Nash Editions, considered one of the premier digital print studios in the world.

A longtime photographer and collector of photographic art, Nash founded Nash Editions with friend (and tour manager) Mac Holbert (also an instructor in the digital imaging class) now only to showcase his work but also to explore the growing capabilities of digital imaging.