We still have ice for you

OK class. Today’s pop quiz question is a simple one:’

If this climate change?

Is bitter cold that keeps our furnaces running 24/7, the driveways ice ski runs runs and Santa Claus in long johns proof that our climate has changed — and changed for the worst?

If it isn’t, this is the greatest hoax since Taco Bell convinced a gullible nation that it has purchased the Liberty Bell for promotional purposes and planned to rename it “The Taco Liberty Bill.:

When a talk to the mailbox turns into an adventure that rivals the scaling of Mount Everest and layering up to go outside becomes a task that takes longer than poliitcal speech, you know you’ve got climate change in spades.

Of course, there are those who say this isn’t climate change at all — that it’s all a bix hoax played out by scientists looking for grants.

We had doubters like those before. They were called dinosaurs denying the coming ice age.

Baby, it’s cold outside and if the forecasters finally get it right this year, it will get even colder.  The indicators suggest the next couple of months will not master the monster snow storms that buried the area for thee months last year but most agree that what is coming will be bad enough to make some consider looking for a new paradise to call home before next winter.

Paradise, like the grass that is always supposed to be greener on the other side, is more myth than reality.   But myth or not, a place with warmer weather and fewer extremes, sure looks appealing this time of year.

But this too shall pass…when Spring comes.

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