After two sets of x-rays and an MRI Wednesday morning at Twin County Regional Healthcare in Galax, the collective medical minds condlued I don’t need surgery on my battered left knee.

The knee does, however, need rest. There’s a lingering bone bruise from a fall taken during the ice storm back in December and enough calcium buildup to start a salt mine. Cortizone shots should break up the calcium, for now, but rest will have to wait until the FCHS girls wash out of the basketball playoffs. At 23-0 and playing tonight for the district title, the girls currently rank number one in the state and head into next week’s regionals as the top seed. This could be their year.

And there is the usual order to lose weight — lots of weight. A diet started late fall kinda went by the wayside (as most diets do). Guess I’ll have to get serious…again.