“I’ve noticed,” the email writer said, “that you don’t update this site daily. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a blog?”

Hell, I don’t know. Even though I’ve been doing web sites since 1994 (which makes me one of the ancients in Internet terms), I’m relatively new to the blogging thing. And, when I started this site earlier this year, I underestimated how much time it would take.

We scheduled 2004 to be a slowdown year, a time to step back and reflect on a life both spent and misspent. The studio at The Jacksonville Center in Floyd is a big part of that reflection. We hoped to make it a place to catalog 40 years of photography.

But, like all projects, work keeps getting in the way. Our projects in the Washington area still require time there (every other week) and demands on our time in both Arlington and Floyd have led to 14 hour days and seven-day weeks. Add the daily demands of Capitol Hill Blue, our political news web site, and sleep or rest have become disposable commodities.

Drove the 300 miles back to Arlington Wednesday after extending the latest stay in Floyd by three days and I crashed on the couch for more than 12 hours before diving back into the fray.

Something’s got to give. I’m just not sure yet what.