Channel 10 meteorologist Marc Lamarre wasn’t the only on-air personality with a drug habit. Jamey Singleton, a Rocky Mount native and another weatherman at the station, went into treatment for heroin addiction.

WSLS confirmed last week that it pulled Singleton off the air when he went into rehab in December. Singleton is also testifying before a grand jury looking into the heroin ring that supplied drugs to both he and Lemare.

“I’ve had a past, made some bad decisions with addictive type substances, I’m very sorry and ashamed,” Singleton said.

WSLS news director Shane Moreland took Singleton off the air after he admitted his drug problem. returned to on-air duty recently but will not appear on camera on nights when the station reports on the drug investigation.

“He’s a very honest guy and said ‘I’ve got some issues, I’ve got an addiction problem and I don’t know what to do about it.'” Moreland said.

WSLS fired Lamarre but allowed Singleton to keep his job.

“We gave them both two chances,” Moreland says.,” Jamey still has a second chance Marc blew his second chance. We love Marc to death, but he was not able to stay with the strict guidelines we have.”

Singleton admits he faces an uphill battle in a battle for recovery.

“You’re never recovered, I don’t think,” says. “You’re not supposed to ever be, but I’ve put the beast to sleep, so to speak.”

As a recovering alcoholic, I understand what Singleton faces. Battling the beast is a full-time job, something you live with 24/7. WSLS should be commended for giving both Lamarre and Singleton a chance to pull their lives together. I’m sorry Marc blew his chance but I hope and pray Jamey makes the most of his.