The weather station readout said 20 degrees when I got up this morning, much colder than the last few days but still not that cold by February standards. We approach the end of February and the end of a winter season where the thermometer has yet to go below zero.

Yes, we’ve had a couple of snowfalls and that freakish ice storm in December but this has, for all practical purposes been a mild winter. There’s still time for an artic express to swoop down from Canada and plunge us all into sub-zero conditions but it appears less and less likely as forecasts for the coming week call for 49 and 50-degree highs and moderate weather.

Amy hails from the Midwest and I met her while living there for 11 years. We remember winters where the high wouldn’t climb above zero for weeks. I also remember winters here in the mountains when temperatures plunged to 10 and more below and we kept a wary eye on water pipes.

Maybe there is something to this global warming thing.