From the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine comes hope for a cure for our sick kitten Loki. Results from a blood test indicate a possibility that his condition (stumbling, motor control, blindness, etc.) may be caused by a liver shunt — a condition more common to dogs than cats and extremely rare in male kittens.

We take him back next week for additional blood tests to see if they can confirm that he has a Portosystemic shunt, a liver disease where blood vessels bypass the liver. If the tests are positive, then his condition may be correctable with medication and/or surgery.

It’s a long shot at best but this kitten is part of our family and deserves any chance we can give him to live a long and healthy life. Amy and I try very hard not to get our hopes up too much because all previous attempts to find a cure for his condition have failed but we can’t help but hope for the best.