Whenever a tragedy like the Arizona shooting that left six people — including a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge — dead along with a Congresswoman seriously injured enters the national debate,  we can be sure that extremists on all sides of the issue will emerge along with their instant solutions to long-standing national problems.

The usual fruitcakes — including Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, et. al, have weighed in along with those who want members of Congress packing heat on the House and Senate chambers and the expected “let’s dust off the Brady Bill” and ban anything with gun powder in it crowd.

That’s America for you. Wait for one of those traumatic national events to come along ever so often and then throw every band-aid solution they can come up with at the problem and then sit back in mock shock when none of the quick fixes work.

Amazingly, a nation founded on violence, nurtured by violence and driven daily by metaphors of violence never seems to understand that violent resolutions are the only way it can solve its problem.

We are a society driven by violence, one that thrives on confrontation in sports, political debate or even forensics.  The goal is winning — at all costs — and any price.  With such drivers as primary measures of success, it cannot become that much of a stretch when violence becomes a motivating factor to achieve a desired end.

If should not be that way — but it is — and it is a way of life cannot — and will not — be changed.

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