032206oddfellas1.jpg 032206oddfellas2.jpgMore often than not, an evening of music at one of Floyd’s growing list of venues turns into a special night as impromptu guests show up on stage. Wednesday night at Oddfellas Cantina was such a night when Cafe del Sol owner Sally Walker joined Oddfellas proprietor Rob Neukirch, bass player Chris Luster and guitarist Bernie Coveney on stage for fun and music.

Sally, owner of Cafe del Sol at the other end of Floyd’s music row, joined the Oddfealls regulars on stage and belted out "Summertime" and even borrowed a guitar to sing a John Prine selection. What makes the evening more interesting is realizing that Sally and Rob own establishments at the two extreme ends of Floyd’s music row. Rob features entertainment four nights a week and at Sunday brunch and Sally’s Friday night music series has joined the nearby Jamboree as a crowd favorite.

This kind of crossover is part of Floyd’s culture. I’ve filmed Rob singing at Sally’s coffee shop on a Friday night and musicians joining each other on stage for impromtu sessions is more common than not. They also run the two most challenging venues for photography. Lighting in both Oddfellas and Cafe del Sol is tricky and shooting with available light means an iso setting of 3200 with associated noise.

Still, somehow, I always managed to get something out of shooting at both locations. Of course I also had to contend with the new guy in town, David St. Lawrence, who keeps showing up at these events and horning in on my action. Good music, good food and good companionship with friends. It was something special. You shoulda been there. 032206oddfellas3.jpg